1. Desborough Pasture Consulting Independence and Experience
    and Experience
  2. Desborough Pasture Consulting Long-term relationships, Long-term results
    Long-term relationships,
    Long-term results
  3. Desborough Pasture Consulting Independence and Experience
    Higher stocking rate on hills
  4. Desborough Pasture Consulting 40-70% greater stock carrying capacity
    40–70% greater stock
    carrying capacity
  5. Desborough Pasture Consulting 4 times increase in productivity
    in productivity

Desborough Pasture Consulting

If you want to measurably improve your farm’s performance,
Peter Desborough is the person to talk to.

Drawing from more than 35 years of experience in pasture crop establishment and maintenance, Peter can tackle any pasture issue — from hill country optimisation to crop and pasture management to feed quality and stock performance.

Independent, experienced and with a portfolio of proven results, Peter Desborough is a trusted member of the farming community, who’s programme of research, analysis, implementation and monitoring can transform the productivity of your land.